The Ultimate Expat’s Guide to Living in Australia in 2022

List of welfare benefits in Australia

Passport values a lot

Perfect high welfare subsidy


Subsidized money to make up for leave, Australia has more maternity subsidies

Australian passport hides a lot of benefits

185 visa-free countries for overseas travel

Australia entry visa, three steps to apply

Learn about visa types

Submit application

Track application progress

Australia’s entry policy under the COVID-19

The new DPD system for entering Australia will be launched soon

Some overseas visa holders are exempted from entry

Introduction to the world’s most livable + best retirement homes

Australia leads world’s most liveable city

Australians’ choice of the most liveable cities

One of the best countries for retirement

Australia’s top 10 retirement residences

Learn about local customs to make your expat life better

How much does it cost to live in Australia per month?




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