Invest and Live in Dubai in 2022

Dubai has large swathes of sunny beaches, countless surfing spots, and a variety of man-made entertainment facilities, bringing you the best leisure experience in the world. It’s a cool and lively place, ideal for those who appreciate the fashionable lifestyle. Warm and welcoming, the city is home to nearly 8.84 million expats out of a population of 9.99 million. If you want to live here, Dubai has a large number of high-quality villa communities to choose from.

But let’s find out what makes Dubai one of the most popular cities to live in the UAE.

It’s not for nothing that Dubai is one of the most expat cities in the world. Beyond entertainment, Dubai has a lot to offer, including numerous attractive business opportunities for businesses, high-paying jobs, a stable tax-free economy, and more.

1. Leisure and fun

Whatever your age group, interests and background, Dubai has a range of recreational outdoor activities to choose from. In hot summer, you can enjoy skiing indoors; in winter, you can take a desert trip. The city also has countless shopping malls and shopping malls. Here, you can buy big-name products from home and abroad, as well as taste a range of local and exotic dishes. Catch a play at the cinema or theater, take a ferry for a ferry cruise, see an exhibit at the aquarium and flower show, or take a stroll on the beach, the choice is yours. Dubai, the fun never ends.

2. Economic stability

Dubai is one of the most stable cities in the Middle East. This can be seen in Dubai’s top-notch infrastructure, hospitals, schools, buildings and more. The UAE dirham is a strong currency, and the city’s GDP is growing at an annual rate of 3.09%. Whether you are a local or an expat, state-owned and private companies alike offer generous salaries. This is also the reason why many professionals want to work in Dubai.

3. Tropical climate

Dubai is in the tropics, hot and sunny all year round. This means that you can also enjoy a wide variety of activities in winter. The city has nothing to do with snow, so it’s a good place for those with chills. The warmer summers are a great time to go indoors for a swim or a spa treatment. At the same time, you can also participate in a variety of indoor activities in the air-conditioned room.

4. Tax free haven

Dubai is a tax-free city, and this must be one of the main factors that attracts you to live in Dubai. This means you not only get a good salary, but you don’t have to pay taxes, allowing you to save money for expenses or savings. This helps to improve the standard of living in Dubai. Also, most products and services in the UAE are exempt from VAT, so things are cheaper.

5. Cost-effective lifestyle

When it comes to Dubai, everyone thinks that only the rich can live in this city. Indeed, Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, cherished sports cars, various entertainment outlets and luxury. However, people from any background can enjoy all the facilities Dubai has to offer. You can sample culinary delights from around the world, or dress up in street style or designer clothing. There are affordable apartments and villas to choose from, allowing you to live a high quality of life and enjoy first-class infrastructure. This is why professionals and white-collar workers love to work in Dubai.

6. Infrastructure

Dubai has advanced and modern infrastructure that allows residents to live a very comfortable life. The education and medical care here are also built according to international high standards, so residents with families can enjoy high-quality medical services, and children can also attend high-quality schools. The school offers both American and British courses, you can choose freely. Dubai has a well-established medical system, offering top-notch medical services, as well as professional and well-trained medical staff. The public transport system is well organised, fast, modern and clean. The Dubai Metro system is technologically advanced and more people prefer to use the metro than taxis and buses.

7. Multilingual environment

Since the majority of Dubai’s population is expatriate, you can hear conversations in various languages here. Although the national language is Arabic, English is widely used by both locals and foreigners for communication.

8. Safe and stable

If you compare other metropolises in the world side by side with Dubai, you will find that law and order in this city is better than anywhere else. This is because the UAE has a hard-working and disciplined police force that takes the protection of its citizens seriously. The crime rate here is low, and most people (especially women and children) can walk alone on the road without fear of harassment or robbery.

9. Inclusive of multiple religions

Although Dubai is a Muslim country, people of all religions coexist peacefully here. In the UAE, expats are free to practice their own religion, and in the same way, they have to respect the various religious beliefs and cultures in the city.

If you are moving to Dubai, you can live a high quality of life in a safe and secure place, while also enjoying a variety of amenities; investing in Dubai allows you to earn a good income and also achieve sustainable capital Add value and make your family live a good life.

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