How to Find Hidden Information in Real Estate Sales Introduction?

Analyze the pros and cons of real estate saless through key words

The selling point in the real estate sales introduction usually consists of several major elements, and views are one of them. If I’m reading a piece of real estate sales information, and it doesn’t mention the good vision that the client requires, then I might not browse all the pictures at all. In Los Angeles, “panoramic, unobstructed views” or “ocean views” are considered top configurations, and “peekaboo views” may mean that residents can only glimpse one corner of Pacific Ocean or a glimpse of the city center. In the French Riviera, “southwest facing views” are the most popular, and this selling point will definitely be reflected in the real estate sales information. In Manhattan, if an apartment can see landmarks such as Central Park, the Hudson River or the Empire State Building, then the real estate sales may mention it at the beginning. As for townhouses, the view is not the first, the daylighting is more important. Like vision, other features such as outdoor space, flat ground, guest villas, and supporting facilities (including private wine cellars, gyms, and private theaters) are most likely to be mentioned in the real estate sales introduction.

Some words and phrases hide deep meaning

In the real estate sales description, some seemingly straightforward words or phrases may hide deep meanings.

The substantial price reduction may be the seller’s own reasons

Perhaps you often see real estate saless that include words like “massive price reduction” or “bring all offers”. This may be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, these slogans may attract potential buyers to find out, but on the other hand, “it gives the impression that the seller is eager to let go, as if to get rid of the burden.” In many cases, such wording can better reflect the actual situation of the seller rather than the property itself.

International buyers have different concerns

In the south of France, there are a large number of buyers seeking vacation properties, but they can only use a weekend or a short holiday to inspect houses in the town and make purchasing decisions. Knowing that these buyers have limited time, some houses for sale insist on real estate sales only the selling points and omitting all modifiers.



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