House Design Tips for Your Fabulous Home

1. A certain sense of space and color acuity

While pursuing the perfect decoration layout, you must also always remember not to compromise on fluidity. The so-called sense of space is that when you live in a limited space, you must first ensure that you can move freely without hindrance, and you will not be forced to become a claustrophobic by unnecessary burdens!

2. Start with the end in mind and consider the cause and effect before designing

3. Smart use of small designs can visually create the effect of a spacious space

The biggest problem with small apartment houses is that they have limited space, so you have to make good use of every corner to make the most of it. When choosing the design you want, you need to create not just spaciousness, but also functionality.

4. Hide, cover, cover up!

Another important task was to cover up previously uneven surfaces such as walls and doors, odd corners and unsightly columns. When these blemish-covering actions are complete, a flawless home is complete. Here are some comparison charts for reference:

5. Visit and purchase directly from furniture wholesalers, contractors and manufacturers in person

When everything is sized and designed in the desired layout, you can show your floor plan and 3D perspective to the manufacturer. A few things to note include:



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