Hong Kong’s Property Market has Great Opportunities in 2022

House prices still have room to rise

Unlike Morgan Stanley’s forecast of falling house prices, other real estate analysts are still sticking to the view of positive house price growth.

Interest rate hikes have limited impact

In theory, higher interest rates would eventually dampen house price increases, but property experts say it is not advisable for potential buyers to take a long-term wait-and-see approach to price declines.

High-end residential continues to appreciate

Allen said that while price forecasts are divided in the industry, Hong Kong’s luxury market in 2022 offers huge opportunities for homebuyers and investors.

Investment opportunities to be tapped

According to Naomi Budden, founder and managing director of real estate brokerage Nest Property, Hong Kong’s housing prices are likely to fall moderately in 2022, which is expected to bring excellent entry opportunities for high-end buyers. “Hong Kong is certainly one of the most expensive residential markets in the world, but you also have to admit that it has one of the most competitive tax systems in the world and is a thriving business and financial centre, so everything is relative,” she said. . The city is still full of investment opportunities.”



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