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3 min readMay 30, 2022

This game basically puts you in control of a person’s (Sims) life. From setting things up, building a career, expanding friendships to exploring relationships, The Sims basically lets you control the lives of your Sims avatars. Don’t we have our own lives to live? Still rely on the game to “live”? But this concept is obviously very popular!

So what is it that makes fans so obsessed with this game? Probably because the player can design the background and let the character live the life they want to experience. The most interesting thing about the game should be that players can build and design their own residences according to the budget. Here are our top 4 tips for you:

1. No need to force all the space

The biggest lesson we learned from the game is that shelters also need breathing room. In the game, Sims characters invited to the house to party will have difficulty moving if too much furniture is piled up in the house, and when they have to go to the kitchen or toilet, they will have to take a long detour. Likewise, we may be used to stacking objects all over the space. Sometimes the best space planning is to do nothing. Unless you want to live like a hermit crab, you still have to consider the space you need when you have visitors in your home.

2. Unify the overall concept, not just look at a piece of furniture

It’s important to consider whether a piece of furniture will fit in with the overall look and fit into the space in your home. A sofa that stands out in a showroom doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your living room. The Sims 4 lets you switch furniture styles at the touch of a button. This may be no different from flipping through a reference catalog, but it actually allows players to preview whether the furniture is suitable for the home environment before clicking to buy. This is also what we should learn in real life, rather than rashly buying furniture just because of the design of the furniture itself.

3. Try a variety of styles and designs

The Sims 4 lets players choose a unified design concept (such as a unified kitchen design), so try a variety of styles and see how it goes.

In real life, of course, it is impossible for us to do this. Most of the time, we should buy furniture one by one. However, it reminds us to explore previously untouched design concepts and more possibilities. When you recognize the potential of your own home, your eyes will be more receptive to these designs.

4. Furniture adapts to living habits

Sometimes we are trapped by the concept of home design and forget our basic living habits. You’ll find that sometimes instead of buying furniture with a special function, you end up buying something that isn’t very useful. For example, I bought a reclining chair for reading, only to find that I actually spend most of my time lying on the sofa reading.

In The Sims 4, if the bookshelf is placed near the dining table, your Sims character will sit directly in the chair next to him and read, even if there are other more comfortable reclining chairs at home. Of course we are not so mechanized in real life, but the lesson here is that we should decide which furniture to buy through our habits, not change ourselves for the furniture, because it simply doesn’t work.

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