Agricultural Carbon Economy, Reconstructing Agricultural Production Mode

What exactly is the agricultural carbon economy?

The origin of the agricultural carbon economy: tackling global climate change

Facts have proved that global climate change and extreme weather phenomena are becoming more and more serious. I believe that the recent events are still fresh in your memory: through observations by the French meteorological agency, it was found that on March 18, 2022, the temperature in the Antarctic was minus 11.5 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in the Antarctic during this period in previous years should be below minus 50 degrees Celsius. This means that the temperature in Antarctica this year is more than 40 degrees higher than in previous years. Coincidentally, the temperature of the Arctic has also appeared in a similar situation. Temperatures in the Arctic were also more than 30 degrees warmer than at the same time in previous years, according to the U.S. Weather Service. Henan and other provinces have experienced unprecedented heavy rains, floods in deserts, more and more severe weather such as typhoons and hail, and more and more frequent forest fires. Such climate change should cause us to pay enough attention.

Planting industry: one of the affordable means of negative carbon emissions

In response to global climate change, major economies in the world have set carbon emission reduction targets. China is no exception, with a clear 30/60 dual carbon goal. Therefore, finding a sustainable and affordable new path to carbon neutrality has become an inevitable trend, which will also greatly affect the development trend of various industries in China in the future.

Carbon trading has become a new source of income for farmers

Including agricultural production in the carbon trading market is not far off. In fact, the experience accumulated over the past years in Europe and the United States and other countries can already provide us with reference and reference.



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