A Comprehensive Analysis of US Real Estate Tax System

Analysis of US real estate tax system

The history of real estate tax in the United States-two rounds of institutional changes

The first round of the system -

The second round of the system -

US real estate market overview and household tax burden

Introduction to the subject and purpose of collection

The subject of collection is the local government, which is also its most important source of income

It is mainly used for local government public expenditures and is also an important guarantee for the quality of the school districts in the region.

Introduction to tax base, tax rate and payment method

The tax rate is determined by the method of “required payment”

The core lies in the estimation of real estate value

- The tax base is a certain percentage of the assessed value

Three valuation methods:

There are three types of revaluation cycles:

Collection system and payment procedure

Extension Rights and Penalties Clause

US Real Estate Tax Benefits and Restrictions Treaties

Various tax incentives

Systematic Restrictions

Tax limit

Income and spending restrictions

Assess growth constraints

Full disclosure requirements




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